360 Virtual Tour Menu Icon Overlay Help 

A  description of what the icons do, on the connect 360 VR tour.

Fullscreen button

Two state Fullscreen button. for mobile phones, tablets and PC

Text Speaker Icon

This Text speaker Icon will speak about the information on the tour, work with the info function 

Menu Info Icon 

This Menu Info Box has information about the tour and work with the audio function

Route Navigation

Will create a custom route from your location on your tablet or mobile phone, and will tell you how long it will take you to to get to your 360 location on the tour.

Websites & @ Action Links

This Button will open links to your websites, and  Facebook, The @ can be linked to any specific web page. On a big 360 tour the Websites & @ Action Links  can link to more information about the 360 panoramic image you are looking at.

Floor plans / Maps

Navigation of buildings or open places, with radar beam to show which way you are facing.
Floor Plans / Map can be transparent or solid

Multifunctional Icon

1 VR button to enter VR Mode
2: Two state Auto Rotate button
3:Compass function
4: This speaker Box will speak about the information on the tour, work with the info function
5: Shows or hides the additional icon functions

Menu X

The menu X function remove the menu bar to to the bottom right corner

Hotspot 360 Links

The Pulse and Chevron allows you to move from one 360 view to another.

Slider menu 

This Slider menu is used to display categories within the 360 Virtual Tours
After selecting a category, a hotspots can be selected from a thumbnail list.
Has different colour borders for visited hotspots

Aerial 360

Allows you to move from one Aerial 360 view to another

Voice over/ Nature Sound 

Professional voice overs narrating the 360 tour.

Ambient / Nature sound
Immerse yourself in the peaceful, ambience nature sound in the 360 Virtual Tours


Promotional Product Photographs

General Info Box 

This General Info Box differs from the menu info button as it allows you to put general information, such as
Contact Information
Telephone Numbers
Opening Times
Special Offers 
Panoramic ID


Promotional Video Clips

Time Shift/Slip

Connect 360 Time Shift/Slip, will move from one period in time to another.
Time Shift : Night / Day
Time Slip : Summer / Christmas