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At Michael Photography are offering a free photoshoot for people profile pictures at starnow in West Yorkshire.
One of the qualities of starnow is self promotion and networking, of everybody in the West Yorkshire.  in starnow, You can have a couple of hours of my time for a photoshoot you can choose exactly how, what or were you want to be photographed.
I’m sure you thinking what’s the catch. Oddly enough there isn’t one, considerate it more as self promotion and networking, for yourself and for me, no doubt you will put photoshoot on starnow, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and another social media platforms, I will also put images on my own website and starnow.
As I live in Huddersfield, doing a photoshoot in and around west Yorkshire. is relatively straightforward.
What can you expect?
You can bring a friend to help you out.
You can change styles as often as you want.
You can see instantly the photographs taken from the camera to give you feedback on the shots as they are taken.
When we have finished the photoshoot your image will be put on an usb memory card for you to take way on the day. 
You can give me a choice of two time slots for Saturday or Sunday.
Example (Saturday 11am to 1pm or Sunday 2pm to 4pm).
Let me know if you’re interested, and we can discuss how we can translate your vision into high-quality, memorable images for your brand at starnow.

You can email Carl Wallis and Ian Roberts at starnow about their experience of the photoshoot.
To qualify for this photoshoot you have to email me at star now.

Photo Shoots


Carl Wallis

Actor, Extra, Dancer, Band Member, Singer, Guitarist, Bass Guitarist, Rapper, Pianist, Music Producer, Composer, Musician, TV

Ian Roberts

Experienced amateur theatre actor having appeared in numerous productions in and around Huddersfield since 2001. New to Extras work in 2019.