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Greenscreen technology has been around for some time now and is used on things like the latest Hollywood blockbusters to the TV weather forecast you see every day on your TV. The idea is simple. If you shoot a Video or photograph with a single coloured backdrop, usually blue or green, you are able to isolate that background from the subject using special software which removes all the green or blue from the video or photo, producing a perfect cut out image of the subject taken . This cut out can then be super imposed onto any other video or photo, to produce a complete image in seconds. You then, by magic get transported from the studio to say a sunlit beach in the Tropics, in to the Frozen DVD a Pop video, onto a Magazine Cover or be the subject of a Wanted Poster, using one of our fabulous pre-designed backdrops. In fact the skis the limit it’s just down to your imagination, your background can be anything you like and that’s the beauty Greenscreen

(The Kids wanted to do a frozen videos, so for fun we put them in the film frozen).

 Frozen Video


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