Video Transfer to DVD and USB Flash Drive

Many of us have old bits of video lying around They might be from five years ago or fifty years ago. Whether that be in the loft or stuck in a deep dark corner of the house. This ‘old media’ probably holds a lot of treasured video footage. While these memories may last forever the tapes certainly will not. We capture and process your videos using professionally graded equipment. We then digitise the footage keeping your original media in tact
Here at Michael Photography we will take all your footage and, using the best industry equipment, transfer it on to USB (MP4) or DVD so you can enjoy it once more.

About video editing

Michael Photography editing service that makes it easy for you to find, organize and present the golden moments buried inside your video tapes. We can eliminate unwanted clips; arrange the clips into any order. You can even move clips together that came from different tapes. It is a good way to distil down your video tapes to just the best parts and then makes those parts easy to watch.

TBC Time Base Corrector

You may regret putting off digging through those boxes of priceless old videos any longer as their degradation can lead to a loss of personal history, the little glitches seen on screen. It is caused from the tape particles coming off the tape, leaving these little static lines behind. There is no data available; in fact there is no tape available.. Unfortunately, as you play your video tapes they become worn
.It is important to realise that ALL analogue video tape recorders (VTR's) and video cassette recorders (VCR's) do it, bar none! This is due to the mechanical workings of all VCR's. Once degradation of the tape has happened, it is impossible to make a quality copy without using a Time Base Corrector, at Michael Photography all video tape are stabilize with a professiona Time Base Corrector automatically remove any disruptive sync signals on Videotapes, thus ensuring professional style copying to AVI File

Damaged tapes

You may have discovered for yourself that video tapes are very fragile and prone to breaking. We have repaired all sorts of damaged tapes, from tapes that have simply been dropped to ones that have been eaten by dogs. Also from the kids getting their hands on the tapes to the most common one of all, the tape getting chewed up inside the Video recorder!
Sometimes when the magnetic material has completely been lost in parts, we can recover parts of the rest of the tape. Even if the tape does not play in your player, we are often able to recover something from the tape.
All Video and Audio formats are repaired for £10 standard.

Your digital legacy AVI

We can also give you a USB Flash Drive containing a digital file of each tape or reel you give us so you can watch your films on your computer, iPad and tablets and mobile technology. The USB Flash Drive AVI backup also means that no matter what the future holds for film formats, you should never need to have your tapes transferred again and can share your digital legacy with future generations. With additional DVD copies if you wish or on USB Flash Drive


All tape formats are digitised before being copied to DVD. Unlike standard transfers this enables the best possible play-back quality for our customers.

All of the formats shown on this page are classed as Video when choosing your order, the only thing we ask you to do is to tell us the length of the tape. ( 30min Tape + 30min Tape = 60 MinuteTape ) If like many people you don’t have a player to view your tapes on, below is a quick guide to help you: VHS & SVHS × Hi8 × MiniDV × VHS-C × All video tape types have the length of tape stamped on them, this will enable you to choose your length of tape in the Minutes Of Tape . If you are still unsure please select 60 Minute Tape; we will check the length of your tape l and if anything is different from what you have selected you will contacted by email informing you of any additional cost. The vast majority of tapes were recorded in standard play length. If you don’t know if your footage was recorded in standard (SP) or long play (LP), don’t worry we will assess this when we receive your tape(s) and contact you if there is anything different to what you have selected.

30 Minute Tape £15  plus USB Flash Drive

60 Minute Tape £19 plus USB Flash Drive

90 Minute Tape £25 plus USB Flash Drive

120 Minute Tape £29 plus USB Flash Drive

180 Minute Tape £34 plus USB Flash Drive

180 Minute Tape (Long Play) £40 plus USB Flash Drive

Tape Format

VHS Tape

VHS (Video Home System) developed by JVC utilizing half-inch tape, which is the most widely used video format.


A regular VHS video tape wound into a smaller cartridge. Since the cartridge is smaller, the length of VHS/C tape is limited to a maximum of 45 minutes - though longer times can be achieved using a long play mode

Super VHS

A higher quality version of the VHS videotape format with a sharper picture and resolution

8mm Tape

Regular 8mm tapes are the exact size and shape as their HI8 counterparts, but record video at a lower resolution level.

Hi8 Tape

Most often, HI-8 camcorders record sound in hi-fi stereo. HI-8, have a better than average image from Video tape

Mini DV Tape

The smallest of the video formats. They take and maintain crystal clear images because of the nature of a digital format. Editing enthusiasts benefit from Mini DV copying with no quality loss. That means edited or copied video looks and sounds every bit as good as the original footage

Video Tape Errors

Error Glossary
(1) Pinking/Greening: This is an error that is normally caused from tapes that were made on cheap VCRs, normally ones with misaligned heads or only two heads. The top 10 percent of the image seen on screen flickers pink and/or green. The only way to restore this error is to crop the image so it is no longer seen
(2) Clear-Water Effect: This is an error named because of the way it resembles ripples in clear shallow water. Parts of the video on screen are wiggling, with such a ripple effect. There is really no way to correct this in the software. This is an error caused from timing errors on the analog video tape. The DNR/TBC will remove this. Some
(3) Top-Screen Tearing: This is another timing error of an analog tape, causing the top 10 to 25 percent of the image to be distorted. To fix this is by using the DNR/TBC If none of these options fix it, then it will have to crop it out, using the same method described for pinking/greening.
(4) Chroma Flux/Contrast Flux: This is where the video gets brighter and darker, alternating every minute or so. This is typically anti-copy (an artificial video error like Macrovision) present on the tape, or the tape signal is damaged. The timing of the signal is corrupts and the automatic gain control (AGC) or the VCR is confused. A TBC will remove this problem. Software cannot fix this,
(5) Vertical (Up-Down) Jitter: The timing of the videotape is corrupted. The TBC will normally stabilize the video. Adobe Premiere plug-ins that attempt to correct these kinds of errors, but take countless hours of processing, and may not correct the problems.

(6) Horizontal (Side-Side) Jitter: This error is normally seen on copies of copies of copies later. Software cannot really fix this Adobe Premiere that attempt to correct these kinds of errors, but take countless hours of processing, and may not correct the problems.
(7) Colour Loss and Colour Shift: Colour problems, There is typically not one single filter that can correct the issues, but a chain of several filters may do the trick..
(8) Tape Tracking Errors: This can only be corrected by using a professional VCR. If the tape is damaged beyond repair, capture as best as possible, and then crop out the bad area.
(9) Static Lines: These are little glitches seen on screen. It is caused from the tape particles coming off the tape, leaving these little static lines behind. There is no data available; in fact there is no tape available. This is most often seen on tapes that have been re-used several times nothing can be done about this.
(10) Image Ghosting: There is really no way to remove ghosting with hardware or software. This error is typically caused from power-related problems or grounding issues with coaxial cables.
(11) Colour Bleeding: This is caused from degraded VHS tapes, and is normally fixed with a colour correction. Desiderating the video slightly and lightening the gamma of the image will lesser than harshness of the error.
(12) It is not possible to recover videotape that has been recorded over by mistake, as the VCR erases as part of the normal record function

Video restoration is an advanced aspect of video conversion, one that comes with a price tag and requires lots of patience. There is not a “restore” button in software that will magically restore video. Although “garbage in, garbage out” is a very true statement, it can be tweaked a bit to “garbage in, better-than-garbage out.” The entire goal of restoring video is to simply make it better, not to make it perfect – mainly because perfection is impossible. 


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