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Marketing and Promotional Videos 

Do you need to showcase your services, 'show off' your product(s) or create a viral video as part of your social media or content marketing strategy? Perhaps you are hosting an event and need to create an impact with some wow-factor visuals?
We know what needs to be done and when, ensuring our teams capture all of your event highlights with both single & multi-camera video recording.
Your presentation, speech or event can also become the catalyst for a series of visual marketing communications including live streaming, website and social media content. 

Magic Baking Tin video

Magic Baking Tin 2 video

Magic Baking Tin 3 video


The magic baking tin originally started off with 60 Shapes.

 Michael and John created over 1000 new Shapes and a completely new Font for the magic baking tin, which included magic baking tin Shapes Book , with the making of promotion Videos which also including promotional  photograph for the website and magic baking tin presentation box.


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