Whilst watching television a couple of weeks ago and hearing that schools were about to close and parents would need to ‘home school’ their children, one father asked ‘what on earth are phonics?’ I had every sympathy with this question because 20 years ago I had asked the same thing.
Since then and after many fascinating learning and teaching experiences I published a series of work books and game cards in which I try to make structured phonics easy to teach and FUN.
Over the years it has helped to keep myself and students interested in a task by the use of game cards which utilises things that they are really interested in such as a favourite computer game or a board game like monopoly, stock market, or even snap. Once you have assessed which level of phonic words the student needs to practice, the game cards can be printed off and incorporated into their favourite game. Returning to the work books when you feel it will be beneficial.
For use at this time when many people are subject to lockdown I am offering Reduced price of £4.99 pre book to downloads the work books and game cards to parents and carers to help with home schooling .
Alternatively if you would prefer to purchase hard copies of the original workbooks these are available at £14.99 each plus p/p of £4.50 each.
I hope to offer these on ebay.  

My contact details are   nicolamcmullan@btinternet.com

All the very best to you all
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Samples of pages from the work books and memory cards 

Focus on Phonics Stage 1

Focus on Phonics Stage 2

Focus on Phonics Stage 3

Focus on Phonics Stage 4